Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time due to technical updates and appropriate implementation of new technologies and/or due to changes of the law.

  1. Use of the App by Children

We note that our websites and applications, including the Site are intended for a general audience and are not directed to children.

  1. Collection and use of your data

The specific scope and mode of collection and use of your data depends on whether you are visiting our Internet presence only for browsing the Site (e.g. for viewing the products we offer) or whether you are actually using specific services (e.g. if you order products).

    1. Use for browsing the Site

If you use the Site for browsing only, generally you are not required to enter any personal data (though certain aspects of the site may utilize such information if available). In this case (and apart from these other aspects of the site as described in this Privacy Policy), we only collect and use those of your data which your Internet browser transmits to us automatically, such as:

  • Date and time of the visit of any of our websites
  • Type of your browser
  • Browser settings
  • The operating system you use
  • The website last visited by you
  • The data volume transmitted and the access status (file transmitted, file not found etc.) and
  • Your IP address.


If you visit the Site for browsing only, we collect and use this data in non-personal form only. This is done to generally enable the use of the websites you visit as well as for statistical purposes and for improving our web presence and the services we provide there.

    1. Use of specific services / Shopping at the Site

We only collect personal data if you voluntarily disclose such data to us on the occasion of a purchase order process, when interacting with our customer service/online consumer care team, or when opening a customer account. We use the collected data to perform the respective service for you.

Your data for the relevant service may be disclosed to reputable service providers working with Grill Giant on transaction-related services (eg: shipping companies and payment services providers)


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